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Forget Me Not Lacquer

HOLO Gloss Boss


Quick Drying Top Coat with micro holo flakes!

This is quick drying, crystal clear, very glossy top coat that contains only 5 ingredients, but NONE of these : Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin,  Formaldehyde and Camphor.

This top coat has micro holo flakes that will make your manicure sparkle. This top coat will let you skip a step of adding a topper and then top coat on top of that. This is an excellent way to add glamour to you manicure in a fast and fun way!

The benefits of using the top coat are:
- Will leave your manicure durable and long lasting
- It will seal flakes and glitters
- It will leave your nails shiny
The formula is not too thick, not too thin - Non smearing - Non shrinking - Keeps your mani protected and long lasting.

Note: You may have to shake your bottle before use to disperse the flakes.

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11ml bottle and paddle brush.