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Forget Me Not Lacquer

Twilight Forest

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Type: Crackle polish

Have you ever seen a crackle polish that is purely glitter? Well, there it is, standing right before you.
Unleash the wilderness within this crackle polish that captures the untamed beauty of a storm-tossed Twilight Forest from a Minecraft game. The base boasts a deep, blackened forest green that crackles dramatically as it dries, revealing glimpses of its beauty. This mesmerizing effect is further amplified by a complex array of holographic glitters that shimmer and dance across the surface, like fireflies or glowing moonlight. Twilight Forest isn't just a polish, it's a captivating glimpse into the wild heart of nature and a homage to my children and husband that I love and adore! (we play Minecraft game every Sunday together).
Please take this beauty in the sun and be wowed but its sparkle!!!
Polish swatched over green/gold shimmer and silver. Photos taken in and outside.

This stunner looks beautiful over silver, gold, white, lighter greens, light browns, pink shimmers and more.

Note: In order for the polish to work you must layer this over another color / best to put over two layers instead of just one. (this will not work over naked nail !!!). Make sure your previous layer is 100% dry before putting crackle polish on. Within 15 to 30 seconds you will see the splitting of the polish. This is very random and each nail will look very unique. You will need only one layer of the crackle polish. Your polish will look dull so a glitter grabber and a top coat is recommended.
This formula is very fragile so make sure you close your bottle tight after each use. Do not leave the polish open for prolong period of time.
Please shake the bottle gently before use!

You can ONLY use quick drying top coat after the crackle process is done!!
Do NOT keep it near fire!

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10 FREE , Vegan, Cruelty Free
11ml bottle and paddle brush.