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Forget Me Not Lacquer


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Member of You Crackle Me Up collection
Type: Crackle thermal polish

This crackle thermal polish transition from blue when warm to purple when cold.
This polish is extremely unique and brings back memories of the first crackle polish from the 90's but with a fun and modern twist. This is definitely a nail art in the bottle.
This will look amazing over so many colors but white turns the blue into a almost neon teal and purple will be very dark but bright. You will get many shade of blue in between state as well. Absolutely a fun polish to have.

Note: In order for the polish to work you must layer this over another color / best to put over two layers instead of just one. (this will not work over naked nail !!!). Make sure your previous layer is 100% dry before putting crackle polish on. Within 15 to 30 seconds you will see the splitting of the polish. This is very random and each nail will look very unique. You will need only one layer of the crackle polish. Your polish will look dull so a glitter grabber and a top coat is recommended.

Thermal polish has a " life expectancy" from 3 months up to 2 year based on your environment and care. Once the polish is not able to transition anymore the color will remain in either the hot or the cold state. Please make sure you like the polish in both states knowing it will "die" eventually.
Also, please note that even though the thermal pigment is purple/blue you may experience different shades of blue, purple and even pink. This will be based on your body temperature, room temperature, climate you are in, to the place the polish is being stored at.

This formula is very fragile so make sure you close your bottle tight after each use.
Also its formula is jelly like unlike other crackle polishes in this collection.

Do not leave the polish open for prolong period of time.
Please shake the bottle gently before use!
You can ONLY use quick drying top coat after the crackle process is done!!
Do NOT keep it near fire!

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10 FREE , Vegan, Cruelty Free
11ml bottle and paddle brush.