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Forget Me Not Lacquer

Groove Baby


Member of Wild Heart Happy Soul collection
Type: Crackle, UV reactive/solar (hot pink to purple), jelly
Very limited supplies.

Get ready to tie-dye your nails with a twist! This captivating crackle polish inspired by the vibrant swirls and color explosions of the 60s. But this lacquer offers a far-out surprise with its UV transformation.

Imagine a hot pink dream come true! In the shade, Groove Baby is head-turning hot pink, reminiscent of a vintage tie-dye shirt dipped in a vat of fuchsia fun. But this polish is more than meets the eye!

Step into the sunshine and witness a groovy metamorphosis! As the polish is exposed to UV light, a captivating crackle effect takes hold. The hot pink base dramatically fractures, revealing flashes of a mesmerizing violet hidden beneath. It's like watching a tie-dye masterpiece come alive, with unexpected pops of color blooming under the sun's rays.

This polish is perfect for those who crave a unique, eye-catching look that celebrates the peace, love, and groovy spirit of the 60s. So go ahead, paint your own psychedelic masterpiece and let your nails become a miniaturized tie-dye adventure that transforms with the sun! This polish is a far out trip that will leave everyone wondering what dazzling surprise awaits them in the sunlight.

Show over white polish. Indoors and outdoors.
I suggest wearing this over white nail polish to see the pop of color the best.

In order for the polish to work you must layer this over another color / best to put over two layers instead of just one. (this will not work over naked nail !!!). Make sure your previous layer is 100% dry before putting crackle polish on. Within 15 to 30 seconds you will see the splitting of the polish. This is very random and each nail will look very unique. You will need only one layer of the crackle polish. Your polish will look dull so a glitter grabber and a top coat is recommended.
This formula is very fragile so make sure you close your bottle tight after each use.
This pigment is UV sensitive and can change color several times over, however, keeping out in the sun over time will create a "sunburn" on the pigment eventually causing it to cease changing color. UV pigments do eventually "die", meaning they will stop their transition.
Changes in transitions depends on amount of UV Ray exposure to the polish.  Swatches are taken in sunlight and in UV light to show transitions.
Use of a UV topcoat will dull/make the effect not visible. The transition may appear lighter or darker depending on your lighting and exposure to UV.
!!!You may see small specks of pigment in your crackle polish. This can happen due to fast mixing requirements and very limited time to do so. If thats the case shake your bottle well or remove the spect with your brush.

Do not leave the polish open for prolong period of time.
Please shake the bottle gently but well before use!
You can ONLY use quick drying top coat after the crackle process is done!!
Do NOT keep it near fire!

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10-free and vegan friendly.
11ml bottle and paddle brush.